The Importance of Planning Funeral and Burial Arrangements

When reviewing your estate planning documents, much of the time with your attorney is spent discussing options for the distribution of assets, who will be your trustee, and who is allowed to obtain critical health information if you become disabled. Something that does not come up as often, but is still critically important, is your funeral and burial arrangements. 

MCL 700.3701 provides that a personal representative “may carry out the decedent’s written instructions relating to the decedent’s body, funeral, and burial arrangements” and allows an individual to designate a funeral representative. It is very important to write out your wishes regarding your funeral and burial arrangements because this is often the first task your loved ones must make after your passing. There could be a funeral and burial representative appointed in a Will. However, the funeral and burial arrangements can occur prior to the review of the Will, making the Will an ineffective option for carrying out your wishes. Funeral and Burial arrangements are some of the most emotionally difficult decisions your family must make after you are gone. Having a detailed plan will help reduce stress in these difficult situations. Without a controlling document, conflict can occur in this process due to family members’ conflicting opinions on arraignments and the costs involved.

Wakefield Law, PC includes funeral and burial arrangements in all our estate plans created for our clients. Funeral and burial arrangements reduce emotional stress on your loved ones and carry out your wishes after you pass. If you want to learn more about how to adequately plan for your funeral or any other estate planning questions, the estate planning attorneys of Wakefield Law, PC are happy to help! Ask for attorney David B. Wakefield at or 248-457-9860.

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