Family Allowance in Michigan

When a loved one passes away, the financial stress can be very great for those who were supported by this individual. To help limit the hardship on previously supported family members, Michigan law provides a family allowance that is payable to the decedent’s surviving spouse and minor children whom the decedent was obligated to support, and children of the decedent or another who were in fact being supported by the decedent. When originally passed, this amount was $18,000. However, this amount is adjusted for inflation. In 2020, a surviving spouse and family members are entitled $29,000 of family allowance when probating an estate. It is vital to have an experienced probate attorney represent you and your family’s interests through the estate administration process and make sure you receive the accurate amount of allowances you deserve.

Year of PassingFamily Allowance Value
Original Amount$18,000

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